Parental alienation: CAFCASS crackdown

Parental alienation:

This is an interesting issue relating to the impact of one parent alienating their children against the other parent. This has caused quite a media storm and rightly so in my opinion as the ground-breaking response by CAFCASS may seem severe to one side of this debate; but heaven sent to those parents who have “lost” their children due to their ex partners or spouses successfully alienating them.

The court has always had the power under the Children Act 1989 to vary the place of residence for a child if it felt that one parent was more capable of promoting contact with the other but this is the first time CAFCASS have committed to positively promoting such outcome to the court in the event that it makes findings of parental alienation. And it goes one step further by suggesting that not only should there be a change of residence but that the “offending” parent may face the consequence of limited contact or no contact with their child if they fail to address their behaviour.

I have seen too many cases of parental alienation during my legal career and this is the most positive step I have seen to address this issue which can often involve only subtle manipulation of a child but can have such a devastating impact upon family life for both the child and the parent who has been alienated.

It is important to note that recommendations made by CAFCASS to the court within Children Act proceedings are not binding but they are very much persuasive as their report is often the only impartial evidence viewed by the Judge. Therefore, this new approach being trialled by CAFCASS should impact upon the decisions we see in the family court.

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Legal Surgery regarding Powers of Attorney

In association with Swindon Supermarine Sports and Education Trust and Swindon Carers, Bevirs Law were asked to run a Legal Surgery regarding Powers of Attorney, The Court of Protection, Wills, Trusts and Probate.

Nicholas Sewell and Janet Strong who both presented at the Legal Surgery were delighted to have such a lovely and interactive crowd.

Janet “It was a pleasure to meet everyone and it is always interesting to hear the experiences of different people. I would like to thank everyone who raised individual queries, as I think these help bring the law to life as a practical subject, not just an academic one.

It highlights the huge benefits of talking face to face. Everybody’s circumstances are different, which is why we still like to meet clients to discuss their individual circumstances and priorities and then advise them on what is available and how they can achieve their own particular goals.”

We received some great feedback from the Carers that attended the surgery to include:

“Absolutely invaluable today to know you are getting professional advice”

“A really worthwhile event as it can be a mindfield for everyone especially carers”

“A really great day and useful information and advice given thank you”

Swindon Carers is a charitable organisation, which is part of the Carers Trust Network, and were established to provide help and support to the 21,000 carers in Swindon. To find out more about Swindon Carers Centre and what they can offer please click on the following link

Bevirs would also like to thank Swindon Supermarine Sports and Education Trust (SuperSET) for the use of the Trust Building setting the perfect environment for the audience and some of the tricky subjects we covered.

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